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Residential painting is one of the very common forms of painting that has a purpose of improving the appearance of a building and also stop any kind of damages. When you are looking for a professional painter you can find so many painters and decorators in Melbourne but most of them are not capable to do the job properly. If you are thinking about hiring someone to paint your house or even a part of it, we can convince you why you should find a professional painter in Melbourne to do it rather than yourself.

A Professional Painter in Melbourne

For starters, they must guarantee you that when they finish doing their job the results will look professional and they paid so much attention to details like making sure there is not any paint on light switches or sockets. You should expect your professional painter in Melbourne to stay until the work has been finished. You should keep in mind that you are paying your painters and decorators, so make sure they do as you asked for. However, be prepared to listen to their advice. Because they have many years of experience and may have substitute ideas that might work better. You should make sure that they use quality paint and materials and always keep in mind to ask them how long the work is likely to take.

How long is a painting job likely to take?

In a modern building, repainting a 180 sq. m. the room shouldn’t take more than 3.5 days which can give the painters
one day for preparation which includes filling cracks, smoothing down woodwork and covering all the furniture and mats,
one day for the first layer of paint on the walls and ceiling and one layer of undercoat to all woodwork,
one day for the second layer of emulsion to walls and ceiling
half a day for the last topcoat to all woodwork.

What will your painting job cost you, precisely?

professional painters and decorators in your area in Melbourne, request quotes and begin analyzing rates in order to discover the fair tradesman for your painting job. Our quote service is free of charge and has no obligations at all!